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Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer

Lars Kraume

At the end of the 1950s, the young federal republic only wants one thing: to forget. The Hessian attorney general Fritz Bauer, however, wants to hold the NS culprits accountable and forces the public to deal with its own past – against all legal and societal resistance. His resolute hunt for Adolf Eichmann is sabotaged from within his own ranks. In order to be able to put him on trial, Bauer is only left with the option to cooperate with the Mossad – and thereby commit treason! *Grimme Award* winner *Lars Kraume* stages his political thriller as a gripping, intelligent chamber play with a striking performance of *Burghart Klaußner* in the role of the inconvenient attorney general. At the same time, he presents a panorama of German post-war society beyond the holy front of the economic miracle against the backdrop of the crucial years of Bauer's legal work. Rewarded with the Hessian Film Award, Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer remembers an important chapter of German history and the man who was the first to bring the holocaust to its justice.

The jury statement of the Hessian Film Award reads: _“The film not only reminds us of the strong involvement of Hessian attorney general Fritz Bauer in the discovery of Adolf Eichmann. It also shows the vulnerable human being Fritz Bauer in a new light. Kraume brilliantly reflects the personal and political perspective in a powerful and grasping portrait.”_ Kraume's film, that was co-produced by *Hessicher Rundfunk*, also won the audience award in Locarno. *Burghart Klaußner* received the *Bavarian Film Award* for best actor for his exceptional acting performance. _“Burghart Klaußner deeply feels this fascinating figure – a truly Oscar-worthy performance. The rest of the ensemble also presents a peak performance: The seemingly unsuitable Ronald Zehrfeld, the poignantly sharp Jörg Schüttauf and Sebastian Blomberg with his overacted falsetto. It is due to these actors that Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer is able to pull its dramatic force – as well as comedic breathers – from the characters.”_ _“Today, Germany is proud of its economic miracle. It is also proud to be the home of Goethe and Beethoven. But Germany is also the home of Hitler, Eichmann and their many accomplices and followers. But just like the day consists of day and night, the history of every nation has its light and dark sides. I believe that the young generation in Germany is ready to earn the whole story, the whole truth that their parents from time to time struggle to process.”_ (Fritz Bauer in a televised address 1961)

31 March 2016

18:00 h,

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Direction Lars Kraume
Year D 2015
Duration German OV without subtitles min
Language 105
Production Thomas Kufus, Christoph Friedel
Cast Burghart Klaußner, Ronald Zehrfeld, Sebastian Blomberg, Jörg Schüttauf, Lilith Stangenberg, Robert Atzorn, Dani Levy u.a
Camera Jens Harant
Script Lars Kraume, Olivier Guez
Editing Barbara Gies

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