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Devil's Freedom (La Libertad del Diablo)

Everardo González

The Mexican drug war claims tens of thousands of victims every year. State institutions erode due to corruption and targeted murders of judges, politically active students are kidnapped and, if at all, found months later in mass graves. More problematically, the constantly high consumption of cocaine in the US and Europe are partially to blame for the plight. Everardo Gonzáles paints an impressive portrait of how active violence and the continuous brutalization of society affect people. Offenders and victims are interviewed while masked and  ̶  thanks to the promise of anonymity  ̶  speak with shocking honesty of their life of violence. Devil’s Freedom charts a harrowingly comprehensible psychogram of a society in which murder and torture are part of everyday life.

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Direction Everardo González
Year MEX 2017
Duration 74 min
Language Spanish language, English subtitles
Production Roberto Garza, Inna Payán
Camera Maria Secco
Script Everardo González, Diego Osorno
Editing Paloma López Carrillo
Music Quincas Moreira

Hessian premiere