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Andrés Goteira

A woman and a man get to know each other in a hotel bar, a shady character meets remarkable service station operators, a taxi driver in Drag cuts up meat on the stage. Is this art? At least, the mostly apathetic audience applauds frenetically. Different, but somehow unobtrusive people, chance acquaintances, as they take place all over the world. Until the situation intentionally escalates. In this exceptional thriller Andrés Goteira negotiates what differentiates humans from dogs and hogs with black humor. A story about sex and violence and the question as to what we actually want to see on the screen. Anyone, who expects only blatant provocations, will definitely be disappointed.

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Direction Andrés Goteira
Year ENG 2017
Duration 85 min
Language Spanish OV with English subtitles
Production Laura Doval, Adrián Folgueira, Sara Horta, Suso López
Cast Carlos Blanco, Alejandro Carro, María Costas, Melania Cruz, Antonio Durán, Miguel de Lira
Camera Lucía C. Pan
Script Andrés Goteira
Editing Juan Galiñanes, Andrés Goteira
Sound David Machado, Martiño Lois Méndez, Javier Pato

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German premiere