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Steffi Giaracuni

*CO-PRODUCTION:* Britta Kastern, Bahman Korm, Norma Giannetta *MUSIC:* Nico Contesse, Fatima Dunn *_FOLLOWING TALK IN PRESENCE OD THE PRODUCTIONTEAM_* For over 25 years, the 86-year-old architect *DIDI CONTRACTOR* has devoted herself to her passion: At the foot of the Himalayas, drawing inspiration from traditional techniques, she designs sculptural buildings of clay, slate and bamboo; flooded with light and respectfully connected to their natural environment in which they are being built. When *DIDI CONTRACTOR* is 60 years old, she begins to realise her architectural visions in North India. The German-American’s sketched dreams are not always fitting her clients' expectations, but each finished building reflects the individual character of Didi and that of the future resident. In her wonderfully photographed documentary, Director *STEFFI GIARACUNI* develops the portrait of a strong, artistic woman who understands her architectural visions as a deep connection between man and nature: _“Landscaping is really a key to this thing of marrying the earth to the building. There is a deeper connection which should then strengthen our own connection.”_

2 April 2017

20:00 h, Mal Seh'n Kino

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Direction Steffi Giaracuni
Year CH/D 2016
Duration 80 min
Language English/German/Hindi with subtitles
Production Steffi Giaracuni
Camera Maria Rank
Script Steffi Giaracuni
Editing Britta Kastern