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Die Gelübde meines Bruders

Stephanie Weimat

Born in Wiesbaden, director Stephanie Weimar no longer understands the world: Her brother Gregor has decided to join the Divine Word Missionaries and thus chooses a life of chastity, poverty and obedience. While Gregor wants to dedicate his life to the Catholic Church, Stephanie does not believe in God and is extremely critical of the political stance of the church. In the conversations between the two, who have barely spoken to each other for ten years, it's clear that this is about more than the question of why Gregor has chosen to live in the monastery. And thus, this very personal movie recounts not only the individual conflict between estranged siblings in an unpretentious, humorous way, but also talks about the essential questions of our time posed to the institution of the church. *Tickets via* "Deutsche Filmmusem":http://deutsches-filminstitut.de/filmmuseum/kinoprogramm/preisereservierung/

27 March 2014

20:30 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Stephanie Weimat
Country Germany
Year D/CAN 2013
Duration 88 min
Language OmU
Production André Schäfer
Cast Gregor Weimar, Stephanie Weimar, Bernd Werle, and others.
Camera Fabio DeFelice, Erik Schimschar, and others

Regional Premiere