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Wunschkonzert Europa - Let's find out about film funding best practices in Europe!

Discussion: Wunschkonzert Europa - Let's find out about film funding best practices in Europe!

This event welcomes everyone to participate

Four years after the paper “Frankfurt Positions” was written at the Lichter Filmfest, the deficits in film funding (in Germany) have not been remedied, but have become even worse, partly as a result of the pandemic. Many film associations are demanding that the film funding system needs to be reinvented and the FFG (Film Funding Law) has to be rewritten.

Before we start to rewrite the white sheet, we discuss with filmmakers, producers, distributors and cinema curators from different European countries which aspects of their respective national film funding systems are working well. What can we learn from each other in order to create a cinephile film funding system for the future?

Since 2019, the Hauptverband Cinephilie stands for filmpolitical discourse and a cross-disciplinary representation of interests. We are looking forward to further develope the ideas formulated in the “Frankfurt Positions” and at HVC (www.hvcinephilie.de) - and invite you to a get-together with drinks afterwards from 7pm!

12 May 2022

16:30 h, CineStar Metropolis

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Duration 300 min
Language Englisch

Panel Participants:

Awarded "Best Producer" by an all-female jury at Filmfest München 2018, Anna de Paoli searches for the "crack in reality" in her productions. With her strengths in development, casting and exploitation, she has supported the creation of unique auteur genre films that have been represented at A-list festivals worldwide and won awards such as the German Independence Award, the Golden Lola and the Silver Méliès. With FILM MACHT SCHULE she initiates encounters between film artistic personalities and children/youth. Her professional credentials include senior lecturer in film production at the DFFB, program manager at the Berlinale/Perspektive Deutsches Kino, funeral trainee and yoga teacher. Anna de Paoli lives with her family in Berlin.

(Hosted by Hauptverband Cinephilie)

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