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Echo of you

Echo of You (Ekko af kærlighed)

Zara Zerny

Ghostly echos resonate through the empty rooms of the small Danish apartment. Between white tulle curtains and worn-out leather armchairs floats an echo in the dusty air. An echo of past love, illuminated by warm sun rays. A memory of “den eneste ene” - the one true love.

In very personal, intimate conversations, pensioners, openly talk about the experience of losing their loved ones and are invited to indulge in memories, illustrated by poetic pictures. But it would be a false conclusion to believe that after a certain age, there are no more highlights to be had and one may only cling to the past: The shared, deeply touching stories in the film prove that by living on, a new future always awaits. We all live on borrowed time - no reason to always think about the return deadline.

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Direction Zara Zerny
Country Denmark
Year 2023
Duration 76 min
Language Danish with German subtitles
Production Maria Møller Kjeldgaard
Cast Elly, Finn-Erik, Flemming, Inger, Kirsten, Ove, Peter, Rene, Ruth
Camera Jacob Sofussen
Script Zara Zerny
Editing Sofie Steenberger
Sound Bobby Salomon Hess, Teis Syvsig
Music Viktor Dahl
Sound Design Bobby Salomon Hess & Teis Syvsig

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

About the director

Zara Zerny is a Danish director who holds degrees in Graphic Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and in Directing at the independent film school Super16. At the latter, she realised three short films as documentary-fiction hybrids and received a prize for the best short film at the Mexico International Film Festival for her piece Mama Aquas. First shown at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Echo Of You marks her feature film debut (in the documentary genre).

Press reviews

„These days, it’s getting harder and harder to find films using a simple cinematic language but conveying powerful emotions while also touching on universal themes such as death and love, and steering clear of rhetorical trappings. Without mincing words, Zara Zerny’s debut feature, Echo of You, is one of these rare gems, and indeed one of the best documentaries of this year’s festival season.“ (Davide Abbatescianni, Cineuropa)

The director about the film

“With this film I want to illustrate the complexity of sorrow and joy, through life that no longer is here. At the same time it is a portrait of a generation and how they remember their loved ones after a whole life together for better and worse. [...] I wanted to give a voice to a dying generation and show the different aspects of that one great love, hoping the audience will reflect on their own lives and views on love. Consequently, I also hope this film will break with our fear of getting old. Because the people in this film are so full of life! Maybe, we can even collectively look forward to a point in our lives where the end isn’t as scary anymore.” Zara Zerny, interview with Variety


International Feature Film Program