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Eines Vaters Liebe

Leon Noel Schardt

What does emotional suppression, drama and speechlessness do to a family?

Director Leon Noel Schardt films himself on a journey of discovery to the roots of his family and his depression. Little by little it becomes evident how father-son relationships of several generations have shaped his own image of masculinity and emotions. A deeply personal story that is representative of many families.

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Direction Leon Noel Schardt
Country Germany
Year 2023
Duration 90 min
Language German
Production Leon Noel Schardt, Marius Kast
Camera Marius Kast
Script Leon Noel Schardt (Konzept)
Editing Leon Noel Schardt
Sound Marius Kast
Music David Marlow

Filmz Mainz: Best Documentary

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Regional Feature Film Program