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Endzeit [Eschaton]

Anna Groos, Jan Groos

Series are the modern day cinema. Of course, ever since HBO, Showtime, and so forth it’s an old hat. But do web series work out in the cinema? *Anna Groos* and *Jan Groos*, siblings born in Frankfurt, undertake this experiment with *_Endzeit_*, a web series highly praised in Austria, and couldn’t have done it any better! The series tells the story of the go-go artist couple Daniel and Valerie. Increasingly stressed out about the art market, Daniel develops an interest for alternative paths through life. When he inherits his uncle’s basement full of survival equipment, he hits on an idea. Initially intended as a mere business model, it gradually grows into a utopian idea of a reordering of society. *_Endzeit_* poses questions about alternative life styles and has its fingers on the pulse of our times. In addition to the empathy for the characters, it is exactly the appertaining portion of irony towards them, which turns the series into a real highlight!

_In many regards, ENDZEIT is a personal project for us. During the shooting, there was a small, flexible team and the screenplay served as a sound framework, which we needed to drape and play on. We saw planning and improvisation to be complementary strategies, not as antagonisms. The screenplay was not cast in stone at all. ENDZEIT is an adventure, a joint discovery and a bringing into the world. We are very happy that ENDZEIT can now be experienced in a cinema because from the beginning we understood ENDZEIT as a project transcending boundaries. The entire first season will be shown (110 min) while the closing credits have been removed each time and merely a display of the title marks the end of each episode. What emerges is a kind of hybrid, so to speak a series feature film which by the means of enforced Bing watching is given a completely new expression. It works so well that we asked ourselves: Why doesn’t this occur much more often, this kind of serial narration in the cinema? To be continued…”_ *Anna & Jan Groos* *In the presence of Anna Groos and Jan Groos* More information at: "endzeit.at":http://www.endzeit.at und "aufzuneuenwelten.info":http://www.aufzuneuenwelten.info

31 March 2016

18:00 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Anna Groos, Jan Groos
Year A 2015
Duration 110 min
Language German OV
Cast Christina Reichsthaler, Jan Groos, Christoph Harringer, Martin Vischer u.a.
Camera David Lindinger
Script Anna Groos, Jan Groos