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Miha Mazzini

In the presence of the producer Christoph Thoke.

Ana gives birth to her first child at the local hospital. But joy is soon followed by shock: she is untraceable in the digital records. No software bug, not a mistake easily fixed, but the start of a kafkaesque situation. Ana now officially does not exist anymore. She is forced to leave behind her daughter and forbidden to see her until she has gained back her identity. A gripping race against time begins, because her child is now orphaned – and up for adoption….

Izbrisana is not only adapted from the novel of the same name by Slovenian author Miha Mazzini, but also based on true events: about one year after Slovenia declared independency from Yugoslavia in 1991, roughly 26.000 citizens were declared stateless due to their ethnicity. Izbrisana shows their faces and voices.

After realizing several short films, Miha Mazzinis, who is known in Slovenia for his literary work, is debuting his feature film debut with Izbrisana. Mazzini is hitting a delicate topic: the “Izbrisani“ - the Erased - are still fighting the consequences of the political events in the early 90’s today.

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Direction Miha Mazzini
Year SLO, KRO, SRB 2018
Duration 86 min
Language original with English subtitles
Production Petra Vilmar u.a.
Camera Dušan Joksimovic
Script Miha Mazzini
Editing Tomislav Pavlic
Sound Boris Berden
Music Jura Ferina, Vladimir Godar, Pavao Miholjevič

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German premiere