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Moritz Siebert

Those who know the Lower Franconian village of Seinsheim, should hardly be surprised that it snows there, that the Internet occasionally crashes and that people dance merrily on the tables during the village fair. However, the Indian priest Cyriac is surprised about it all. Director Moritz Siebert accompanies him for one year in his attempt to clear the shortage of skilled workers in the Catholic Church. Three worlds collide with each other during this mission: The completely unrealistic expectations of the Catholic Church, single old ladies muttering the local dialect and the very jolty German of the priest. Although all parties are trying to make the best out of the situation, a deep-seated comedy unfolds during almost every encounter in this film. In a nutshell, _Erntehelfer_ is a culture clash comedy. And, like any good comedy, it is not only very enjoyable, but also helps us gain fruitful insights - about culture, faith and what commonly is called home.

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_Rerun: Sunday, March 30th, 2014 / 6 p.m. / Metropolis 2_

27 March 2014

06:00 h,

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Direction Moritz Siebert
Country Germany
Year D 2013
Duration 70 min
Language German with Engl. Subtitles
Production Moritz Siebert
Script Moritz Siebert
Editing Moritz Siebert, Maja Tennstedt

Presented by:

Regional Premiere at Comoedienhaus Hanau