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Experimental Film Reel Nature

George Kuchar; Margaret Tait; Marie Menken; Andrea Leuteneker; Helga Fanderl; Gregor Maria Schubert, Sylvie Hohlbaum; Sharon Sandusky

An experimental short film programme by the Kinothek Asta Nielsen in cooperation with the Mal Seh’n Kino 

Nature´s Fairest

Director: anonymous

(D ca.1908 // silent, tinted, 16mm from 35mm // Duration: 3 min.)

The beauty of the rose unfolds in all her angles. A beautiful example for the virtuous techniques of tinting, such as stencil-based tinting of early cinema. 

Back to Nature

Director: George Kuchar

(USA 1976 // 16mm // Duration: 10 min.)

A story of love, luck, fulfillment, betrayal and pain in the midst of great landscapes – partly filmed in the Death Valley and the Kings Canyon.

Garden Pieces

Director: Margaret Tait

(GB 1998 // 16mm // Duration: 12 min.)

„Her last film. It shifts between very light and from the middle of Being. A triptychon of her garden. How does Margaret Tair do it – she ‚just‘ takes her camera in hand and films and there It is, what escapes all explanation, what makes me so happy when I see these pictures.“ Ute Aurand

Glimpse of the Garden

Director: Marie Menken

(USA 1957 // 16mm // Duration: 5 min.)

Filmed in the gardens of her friend Dwight Ripley, the botanist and patron.


Director: Andrea Leuteneker

(USA 2002 // silent // 16mm // Duration: 12 min.)

A breathtaking journey into the heart of the rose: in recordings of 7000 roses, she explores color, form and shape, stems, leaves, blossoms, filaments, fruits and reflects in an unparalled virtuosity the cycle of nature in blooming and decay.

A Car Ride in the Pyrenées

(F ca.1912 // silent // stencil-based tint // 16mm from 35mm // Duration: 7 min.)

A trip to the mountains. Curiosity by women as well as men on lovely and wild nature: on flowers and waterfalls. Through binoculars, the camera eye stages itself.


Director: Helga Fanderl

(silent // Super 8 on 16mm // Duration: 3 min.)

Unter dem Wasserfall

(silent // Super 8 on 16mm // Duration: 4 min.)

Director: Helga Fanderl

Falling and flowing water, wild and tame, followed by the camera directely and intuitively. Through camera aditing and assemblage of the two films, a rythmic composition of intense images is managed. 

Wild Night in El Reno

Director: George Kuchar

(USA 1977 // 16mm // Duration: 6 min.)

A thunderstorm that sweeps a Motel in El Reno in the state of Oklahoma with all its might. That is where George Kuchar stayed once a year for a month to research weather. This time, he has to deal with more than just sun and wind, clouds and rain – a heavenly-hellish darkness breaks over him, loaded with electricity and lighting up the night sky in spectacular effects.

Wenn der Eisberg kalbt

Director: Gregor Maria Schubert, Sylvie Hohlbaum

(D 2002 // video // Duration: 7 min.)

The loner Manfred Binder has been occupying himself for sime time with the future of our civilization. His interest is in the forthcoming climate changes and he presents his analysis with his distinctive charisma. From them he develops ideas that as stringent as they are resourceful: Through a survival-capsule created by him, survival becomes possible… 

Fütterung von Riesenschlangen

Director: anonymous, Komet Film Company

(D 1911 // silent, 16mm from 35mm // Duration: 3 min.) 

The rabbit before the snake…

C´mon Babe (Danke schön)

Director: Sharon Sandusky

(USA 1988 // 16 mm // Duration: 12 min.)

The film is regarded as the „Blue Velvet of documentaries“ and consists only of found footage material of a production by the Disney Studios on the life, or death, of the lemmings. Sharon Sandusky gives the nature film a convincing twist through her editing of montage and sound.

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Direction George Kuchar; Margaret Tait; Marie Menken; Andrea Leuteneker; Helga Fanderl; Gregor Maria Schubert, Sylvie Hohlbaum; Sharon Sandusky
Year D/USA/GB 1912-2008
Language englische OV, Omu
Production diverse
Cast diverse
Camera diverse
Script diverse

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