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Marjorie Keller​, Chantal Akerman​, Bernhard Marsch, Eva C. Heldmann, Karl Valentin

Daughters of Chaos (Töchter des Chaos)

(US 1980)

Length: 20:00 Min.

Director: Marjorie Keller

The central theme to Daughters of Chaos is the friendship between women; the particular event described is a wedding. Therein lies its intense contradictoriness: How can female friendship be articulated in just the institution that represses women the most, marriage, within the context of patriarchy, which must suppress said friendship in the interest of its own authority? (Amy Taubin)


Saute ma ville (Blow Up My Town)

(B 1968)

Length: 11 Min.

Director: Chantal Akerman

 You see a young girl, 18 years old, walk into a kitchen and do usual things – but in completely strange ways. (Chantal Akerman)

Wohnhaft (Housebound)

(D 2001/2004)

Length: 10:31 Min.

Director: Bernhard Marsch

(Director’s Cut)

For 18 years, the actor and screenwriter Bernhard Marsch lived in a “hoarder home” in Cologne – Ehrenfeld. Before moving out, he subjectively documents the chaos with the camera.


Im Gehäus (In His Room) 

(D 2017)

Length: 27 Min.

Director: Eva C. Heldmann

Paper covers the room in a wild mess – a conglomerate of contradictory things. In the mysterious chaos, the unconventional world of a mathematician, thinker, art historian and tinkerer becomes visible.


Der Firmling

(D 1934)

Length: 23 Min. 

Director: Karl Valentin

with: Karl Valentin, Liesl Karlstadt

Confirmand and god father, well drunk, visit a fancy restaurant together. As they choose to order wine, they marvel at how even the cheese is served in bottles.

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Direction Marjorie Keller​, Chantal Akerman​, Bernhard Marsch, Eva C. Heldmann, Karl Valentin
Year US/B/GER 1934-2017
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