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Michael Almereyda

What are the limitations of blind obedience? To answer this question, the psychologist *Stanley Milgram* developed a sensational experiment in 1961. He wanted to show that people are willing to follow authorities even against their own moral sense. In the *Milgram-experiment*, volunteers slipped into the role of teachers. Wrong answers by their "students" should be punished with electric shocks. Many "teachers" did not hesitate to even deliver fatal electric shocks regardless if the students screamed and begged for mercy. Not knowing that the students were only actors and the electric shocks were not real, the volunteers explained their conduct with having merely followed instructions. The experiment fed into the debate on deference to authority and the nature of man during the Eichmann-trial. The star-studded film shows the life of a courageous scientist between admiration and hostility.

31 March 2016

20:00 h,

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Direction Michael Almereyda
Year USA 2015
Duration 97 min
Language Engl. OV
Production Danny A. Abeckaser, Michael Almereyda, Fabio Golombek, Per Melita, Isen Robbins, Aimee Schoof, Uri Singe
Cast Winona Ryder, Peter Sarsgaard, Taryn Manning u.a.
Camera Ryan Samul
Script Michael Almereyda
Editing Kathryn J. Schubert

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Germany Premiere