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Jennifer Ngo

2019: Just before the pandemic, all eyes were on Hong Kong. The videos of people in the front lines of the protests against a bill that would allow suspects to be extradited to mainland China were countless, with images of police violence going viral around the globe. Jennifer Ngo was right in the middle of it. In the heart-throbbing “Faceless”, she weaves together the stories of four very different protesters defending their identities as Hongkongers in the face of Chinese repression, delivering a portrait of a time that is engaging, thrilling, and visually stunning. Film serves as an ally to record a fight for the freedom of a society to define who they are and what they want in their own terms.

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Direction Jennifer Ngo
Country 49
Year 2021
Duration 82 min
Language Original with English Subtitles
Production Nancy Tong, Bryn Mooser, Roberto Grande, Kathryn Everett, Tony Hsieh, Mimi Pham, Lorraine Ma

Bergen International Film Festival 2021 – Youth Documentary Award

About the Director 

Jennifer Ngo is a journalist. For over five years, she wrote for the South China Morning Post, where her reporting earned her a Human Rights Press Award. Ngo has also been part of the BBC’s investigative documentary team exposing mass-internment camps in Xinjiang. She is part of the Migration Collective in London. “Faceless” is her debut film.

Quotes by critics

“Faceless is constructed as a heist thriller, with meticulous planning and military-like precision – it’s all very exciting and suave” - John McDonald (DMovies)

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