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Tatsuya Mori

*_German Premiere_* *international competition* Everyone loves a proper scandal! First, acclaimed in his country, then fallen from grace over night: for many years, the deaf Mamoru Samuragochi was celebrated as the "Japanese Beethoven" for his ingenious compositions. Until, quite unexpectedly, the unknown university professor Takashi Niigaki comes out in public as his long-time ghostwriter and claimed on top of that he was not even deaf! Up and down the country, all the newspapers and news-stations leap at the story. Niigaki basks in his new position as a busy interview and talk show guest; Samuragochi is the mockery of the nation. The filmmaker *TATSUYA MORI* took on the goal to let the composer, who had gone underground, tell his side of the story. In order to rehabilitate him, the media dynamics are being analysed, which give the ruthlessly sensationalistic headlines priority over well-founded research and finally destroy the reputation and professional career of the protagonist irrevocably. What is really true about this story and, above all, is the documentary filmmaker perhaps also jumping the gun a bit with his verdict?

1 April 2017

22:00 h, Mal Seh'n Kino

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Direction Tatsuya Mori
Year JPN 2016
Duration 111 min
Language Japanese with English subtitles
Camera Tatsuya Mori, Yutaka Yamazaki
Editing Keita Suzuo

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German Premiere