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Andrea Bussmann

In the presence of members of the mexican consulate: Eduardo Ruiz Mason (vicaroius consul of Mexico in Frankfurt), Anel Cruz Ramos (cultural consultant), Jana Dreier (protocol) und José Manuel Navarro (administration).

On the coast of Oaxaca in Mexico, Faust and Mephisto mingle with the locals. They are trying to win them over for an endless building project. Seen from a colonialist perspective, the Mexican back country holds fascinating stories of shapeshifters, telepathy and devilish pacts despite all thievery and slavery. Myths, metaphors and folklore define the image of a town, caught in the limbo of today and grey prehistory. The tale of Faust is repeated in its thirst for knowledge and emphasis on anti-empirical truths. The borders of reality and fiction, visible and invisible blur.

In her experimental film, Andrea Bussmann tries to reconstruct the image of pre-colonial times, in which country and capital were not yet synonymous.

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Direction Andrea Bussmann
Year CDN/MX 2018
Duration 70 min
Language Original with english subtitles
Production Andrea Bussmann, Nicolás Pereda
Cast Victor Pueyo, Fernando Renjifo, Ziad Chakaroun, Alberto Núñez, Gabino Rodríguez
Camera Andrea Bussmann
Script Andrea Bussmann
Editing Andrea Bussmann
Sound Andrea Bussmann, Cristian Manzutto

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German premiere