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Ruth Beckermann

Spending three years with a classroom of elementary school kids in a migrant working class neighbourhood in Vienna allowed Ruth Beckermann to capture both everydayness and decisive moments in the lives of 7 year olds becoming 10 year olds. With tenderness, Favoriten follows their teacher through thick and thin as she helps them in finding a place in a world in which they often feel they don’t belong. What future lies ahead for these children?

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Direction Ruth Beckermann
Country Austria
Year 2024
Duration 118 min
Language German, Turkish with English subtitles
Production Rebecca Hirneise
Camera Johannes Hammel
Script Ruth Beckermann & Elisabeth Menasse
Editing Dieter Pichler
Sound Andreas Hamza

Berlinale 2024, CPH:DOX

About the director

In over 40 years of career, filmmaker Ruth Beckermann has shown interest for all kinds of social struggle in her homeland of Austria, always with a keen eye on the material conditions of labour and the ways in which people organize to improve them or bypass them. Political activism, a preoccupation with her country’s past guided by her experience of being daughter of Jewish Holocaust survivors, and a sensibility towards the people she films, have placed Beckermann as one of the fundamental documentalists in contemporary Western Europe.

Press reviews

“In its subtle but profound political commitment to the story and the people it portrays, Favoriten ends up being, effectively, a vindication of other possible pedagogical and forms and of the educational and transformative potential of the school.” (Jara Yáñez, Caimán)

Favoriten effectively navigates ideas of race, community and opportunity through its endearing, and often surprisingly insightful, subjects.” (Nikki Baughan, Screen Daily)

The director about the film

“I'm mainly interested in the future. These children are the future of our society. Ilkay's class is representative of many elementary school classes in Vienna or Berlin (...) The great thing about this teacher is that she engages in debate. The discussions in class are incredibly exciting. They involve questions such as: Are girls allowed to go swimming? Are girls... women allowed to wear a bikini? They discuss refugee issues, they discuss the Ukraine war. Ilkay also gets involved in arguments with the children, but she always has complete respect for them.” (Ruth Beckermann, Austrian Films).


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