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FERA: The Politics of Creative Freedom and Sustainability

FERA: The Politics of Creative Freedom and Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t just a trend, it’s a necessity that encompasses social, cultural and environmental aspects. More and more film funds are making green producing a requirement for funding. We think it’s time to talk about the industry’s needs and issues regarding the sustainable production of audiovisual content, so everyone can be inspired to join in. Filmmakers, experts and institutions‘ representatives will
discuss: What do filmmakers really need to go green? How do we make sustainable filmmaking more accessible, whilst maintaining creative freedom and cultural diversity? Can sustainability positively inspire creativity?

With: Severine Petit, Bill Anderson, Elisabet Gustafsson, Martijn Winkler, Veronique Pevtschin; Moderation: Michael Gubbins

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Year 2023

Presented by:

Congress Future German Cinema