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FERA''s Eco Movie Manifesto

FERA's Eco Movie Manifesto: Inspiring Filmmakers to Create Sustainibly

CLOSED WORKSHOP: How do green guidelines and tools affect the work of directors and audiovisual authors? What is missing for these to work better and feel more accessible, specifically for creators? In this closed session, FERA and friends will discuss their Eco Movie Manifesto which will later be presented at the public panel ‘The Politics of Creative Freedom and Sustainability’.

The Federation of European Screen Directors (FERA) was founded in 1980 and is the only European organisation representing film and TV directors. Driven by 49 directors associations with members from 35 countries, they speak for more than 20,000 European screen directors, representing their cultural, creative and economic interests at national and European level.

In Cooperation with FERA.

With: Severine Petit, Patrick Schaaf, Bill Anderson, Véronique Pevtschin, Martijn Winkler, Elisabet Gustafsson, Martina Haubrich, Jakob Zapf, Fabian Massah u.a.; Moderation: Michael Gubbins

20 April 2023

10:00 h, Festivalzentrum

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Year 2023

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Congress Future German Cinema