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Kirsi Liimatainen

Johanna is thirteen and in love – but how is she supposed to enjoy her first love when at the same time her violent father moves back into their family house? Torn between the loyality towards her father and the love for her friend, Johanna makes a disastrous decision. “Festung“ (Fortress) is a moving film about domestic violence, the power of faith and the strength to break away from it. The acting performance of Elisa Essig as a teenager in particular lends the psycho-drama depth. The filming of the “Festung“ took place entirely in the Hess district of the Bergstraße. The film won the 2012 Youth Jury Prize at the Film Festival Max Ophüls.

28 March 2012

20:30 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Kirsi Liimatainen
Year D 2011
Duration 87 min
Language German original
Cast Elisa Essig, Peter Lohmeyer, Karoline Herfuth
Camera Christine Anne Maier
Script Nicole Armbruster