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Film Beyond Cinema: The Dumpster Kid Experiment and Other Utopias

Robert Fischer

The retrieved and restored Stories of the Dumpster Kid form the starting point for Robert Fischer’s documentary: He seeks the story behind the stories. Edgar Reitz, Ula Stöckl, Alexander Kluge, Werner Herzog and other icons of German Cinema recount the conditions which made this and other visionary film projects possible 50 years ago.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that, at that time, they addressed similar issues which still concern us in 2018 and to which LICHTER dedicates a whole conference this year: How does the future look for Film and Cinema? Or perhaps, as Edgar Reitz phrased it in the magazine film in 1968: Could there be a Film which is a real alternative to a good beefsteak? 

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Direction Robert Fischer
Year GER 2018
Duration 90 min
Language German OV
Production Robert Fischer (Fiction Factory Robert Fischer)
Camera Laura Ettel
Script Robert Fischer
Editing Robert Fischer
Sound Florian Brüning

Future German Cinema