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Fishing without Nets

Cutter Hodierne

We seem to know the story of the Somali pirates: They are the enemy, capture ships, they kill. The post-colonial stereotype of the "evil black man" without qualities is firmly rooted in our media perception. Not least because of movies like Captain Phillips the victim roles have been allotted firmly. The American Cutter Hodierne’s captivating film is interested in the other side. He masterfully creates a balance between exciting entertainment cinema and a political change in perspective through magnificent imagery. Using the example of the young father Khadir, the film recounts the biographies of men who set out to earn their livelihood as fishermen, but are forced into crime in order to survive. Moving and differentiating, the film details the conflicts of people, who see the wealth of the other world passing them by in the form of huge cargo ships. _Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2014_ _"Fishing Without Nets is a tense drama with well-drawn characters, only as much action as its story requires and a final shot that is ambiguous enough to satisfy audience members with opposing points of view."_ (John deFore, The Hollywood Reporter) _"A Very well crafted, empathetic drama."_ (Dennis Harvey, Variety) "Buy Ticket >>":http://www.adticket.de/Lichter-Filmfestival-Shop.html?format=raw&searchname=Fishing

21 March 2015

20:00 h,

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Direction Cutter Hodierne
Year USA 2014
Duration 109 min
Language English subtitles
Production Ben Freedman, Brian Glazen, Stephanie Pinola, Victor Shapiro, Raphael Swann
Cast Abdikani Muktar, Abdiwali Farrah, Abdikhadir Hassan, Idil Ibrahim, Abdi Kani, Reda Kateb Eric Godon
Camera Alex Disenhof
Script Cutter Hodierne, John Hibey, Sam Cohan, David Burkman
Editing Dominic LaPerriere

Germany Premiere