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Frank Meyer

Frank Meyer

Leonhard Hofmann, Riccardo Dejan Jurkovic

Learning to love through cinema, in this case: Frank Meyer. The documentary follows the former bodybuilder for over ten years. He had already survived one stroke then.. At the start of filming, he prefers to operate the camera himself. But eventually, the young filmmakers emancipate themselves from Frank Meyer's instructions and thus give him and the audience a gift: he gets to understand himself better and becomes more capable of questioning his armored masculinity. But none of it saves him from the excessive body cult. Despite every new and even more severe setback, he continues with his excessive training – with the hopeful expectation to regain his old strength back one day.

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Direction Leonhard Hofmann, Riccardo Dejan Jurkovic
Country Germany
Year 2023
Duration 83 min
Language German with English subtitles
Production Riccardo Dejan Jurkovic, Leonhard Hofmann
Cast Frank Meyer
Camera Leonhard Hofmann
Editing Leonhard Hofmann, Riccardo Dejan Jurkovic
Sound Riccardo Dejan Jurkovic, Florian Biehler, Hendrik Feller

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About the Directors

Riccardo Dejan Jurkovic was born 1988 in Darmstadt. He studied motion pictures at Darmstadt University. At the University of Art and Media in Cologne he completed his post graduation degree. He is a freelance filmmaker and is living in Offenbach.

Leonhard Hofmann, born 1987 in Nicaragua, grew up in Deutschland, he completed his bachelor degree in motion pictures also at Darmstadt University. Since 2015, he has been studying at the film university Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. 

Press Reviews

Frank Meyer is a deeply sad portrait of the price that someone has to pay for an obsession that he cannot let go of, because it has become his life's purpose. [...] A touching documentary that treats the thoroughly likable protagonist, for whom one would have wished a different fate, with great empathy." (Film plus review - online magazine)

The Directors about the Film 

Frank Meyer tells the story of a person who toils in his daily routine, whose life is a feat of strength, but underneath, he hides the desire for closeness. An observation in which we could see something universal.” – Leonhard Hofmann

“When we started working on the Frank Meyer project in 2012, we never imagined that filming would take 10 years. We were interested in our protagonist, the then 45-year-old bodybuilder Frank, who had already completed his career. In a two-person team, we approached him with great openness and offered a space to talk about his past in regular meetings. The camera initiated a process in which Frank was able to explore his own emotional world and question the image of his masculinity. [...] Frank dedicated his life to a body cult, which ultimately became his downfall in terms of his health." – Leonhard Hofmann 



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