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LFFI18_Zukunft Deutscher Film_freddy Eddy


Tini Tüllmann

Painter Freddy is in deep crisis, when suddenly his imaginary friend from childhood days reappears: Eddy. He doesn’t just look like Freddy from head to toe, but since his reappearance the worst things have been happening: for example, Freddy is under suspicion of having brutally beaten his unfaithful girlfriend and her lover. But he is convinced that Eddy committed the crime. But how is he supposed to prove that someone he only dreamed up actually exists? He loses custody for his son, because no one believes him. When his neighbour verbally abuses him, his psychiatrist doesn’t understand him, and his gallerist won’t display his art anymore, it becomes clear: he is in a really bad way. Only occasional flirtations with a new neighbour give him hope. When, all of a sudden, Eddy takes on the problems that Freddy is helplessly at the mercy of…

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Direction Tini Tüllmann
Year D 2016
Duration 94 min
Language German language
Production Tini Tüllmann
Cast Felix Schäfer, Burghart Klaußner, Jessica Schwarz
Camera Markus Selikovsky
Script Tini Tüllmann
Editing Benjamin Kaubisch, Olivia Retzer, Tini Tüllmann, Anne Glossmann
Music Michael Regner, Felix Gebhard

Future German Cinema