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Fünf Jahre Leben

Stefan Schaller

The prison at Guantánamo, where the American government inters suspects in the "War on terror", has become a sort of nightmare for the country. Like the terrorist act on 11 September 2001, a collective uneasiness has taken hold. And just as the USA is unable to come to terms with its trauma, the prisoners, often held here unjustly, cannot come to terms with theirs. Stef-an Schaller's film about Murat Kurnaz from Bremen, who was imprisoned here for five years – apparently innocently – has to be watched with this in mind. He re-enacts the nightmare in a tortuously fascinating way, showing us the eternal mechanisms of power of suppression. A co-production with Hessischer Rundfunk. *Part of the LICHTER Audience Prize 2013*

21 March 2013

22:00 h,

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Direction Stefan Schaller
Country Germany
Year D 2013
Duration 96 min
Language Dt./Engl. OmU
Cast Sascha Alexander Gersak, Ben Miles, Marc Hodapp
Camera Armin Franzen
Script Stefan Schaller

Regional Premiere