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gemeinsam nüchtern

Gemeinsam Nüchtern

Fabian Schmalenbach

The community that has come together on an idyllic estate near Marburg may well be described as extraordinary. All members share a history of experiences of violence, drugs and addiction. Yet here at Hof Fleckenbühl, they are all starting a new life – without professional therapeutic help, but with strict rules and mutual supervision. Neither personal belongings nor contact with the outside world are allowed during the first months. For some, the strict regulations are a lifeline to help them find their way out of addiction. For others, the restrictions on freedom repeatedly lead to conflicts and escape fantasies.

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Direction Fabian Schmalenbach
Country Germany
Year 2021
Duration 118 min
Language Original language
Production Matthias Greving, Frauke Lodder
Camera Moritz Mössinger, Fabian Schmalenbach
Script Fabian Schmalenbach
Editing Kirsten Ottersdorf
Sound Design Anders Wasserfall

World premiere

About the director

Director Fabian Schmalenbach was born in Marburg in 1982 and studied film at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, majoring in directing and screenwriting. Since 2012, he has been working as a freelance producer, director, and screenwriter. For Gemeinsam nüchtern, he accompanied the people from Hof Fleckenbühl with his camera for over a year and lets the audience participate in this extraordinary project.

(In presence of the director)

Regional Feature Film Program