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_*festivallounge / free entry*_ Whoever speaks of German comedy, will usually only harvest a tortured smile from movie fans. Apart from a few exceptional works, German film has very little to offer in the genre of comedy. However, there is a chance here, to reach with creativity a larger audience for demanding films despite small budgets. Other countries such as France or the United States are good examples of a humorous film culture with class and success. What is lacking in Germany for it to happen? The directors’ will to entertain? Courage on the side of broadcasters and sponsors? Or is it the interest of the audience? The guests of the LICHTER-workshop discussion explore this question and report from their practice. *WITH:* * *LEANDER HAUSSMANN*, actor, theater and film director (“Sonnenallee,” “Herr Lehmann”) * *RALF HUSMANN*, writer and producer (“Stromberg,” “Dr. Psycho”) * *Daniel Kothenschulte*, film critic („Frankfurter Rundschau“) *Host: Frédéric Jaeger, Editor in Chief (online magazine „critic.de“)*

28 March 2014

08:00 h,

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Country Germany

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