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Ghostland – The view of the Ju/'Hoansi

Simon Stadler // CO-DIRECTORS: Catenia Lermer, Sven Methling

*_IN PRESENCE OF DIRECTORS SIMON STADLER AND CATENIA LERMER_* The Ju/'Hoansi have one of the oldest and most indigenous cultures in the world. For a long time, the Bushmen were continuously displaced and decimated. A hunting ban now threatens the livelihood of the Kalahari inhabitants as well. They are searching for a way to survive. To let tourism enter their village appears to be a chance to keep their customs alive at the same time. But where do these strange visitors come from for whom and with whom they dance several times a day? In the company of their friend Werner, a German-Namibian, a group from the village goes on a journey for the first time ever. Their trip leads them to other tribes in Nambia and ultimately as far as Frankfurt am Main. The Frankfurt-based documentary filmmaker *SIMON STADLER* accompanies the Ju/'Hoansi during this change of perspectives. The film’s charm is brought on by the interspersed interviews, which provide insight into the way the tribal inhabitants think about this strange world. And they often show us a mirror in a humorous way. *_GHOSTLAND_* was awarded the *HESSIAN FILMPREIS* in 2016 for the best documentary. _"This is an engaging movie depicting some sympathetic people"_ - NY Times Festival awards: *Audience Award - SXSW Film Festival 2016, *Best Documentation - Hessian Filmpreis

1 April 2017

20:00 h, Mal Seh'n Kino

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Direction Simon Stadler // CO-DIRECTORS: Catenia Lermer, Sven Methling
Year NAM/GER/IT 2016
Duration 84 min
Language various languages with English subtitles
Production Simon Stadler
Camera Simon Stadler
Editing André Broecher

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