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Götter wie wir

Carsten Strauch, Piotr J. Lewandowski

We know: Good series from Germany are scarce. Nevertheless, Offenbach based director and actor Carsten Strauch has dared to conceive “Götter wie wir” together with his longtime partner, actor Rainer Ewerrien from Frankfurt, and the screenwriter Nina Werth. In 2012, the six-part comedy arrived on television and success followed soon: record ratings on ZDF Kultur and over 100,000 individual views per episode on the ZDF online media library. Another highlight: The nomination for this year's Grimme Award in the category Entertainment. “Götter wie wir” is the story of the divine double act Inge and Renate, who are struggling with the issues of their own creation, and the trials and tribulations of celestial everyday life. That the two are female and come as a pair makes matters for them not particularly easy... Cheeky, humorous, intelligent and beautifully staged! LICHTER shows the complete first season in its entire length for the first time on big screen and in the presence of the gods Carsten Strauch and Rainer Ewerrien! _In presence of Carsten Strauch, Rainer Ewerrien and Lucia Haslauer (ZDF)._

22 March 2013

22:00 h,

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Direction Carsten Strauch, Piotr J. Lewandowski
Country Germany
Year D 2012
Duration 90 min
Language deutsche OV
Production Carsten Strauch, Gérard Meixner und Roman Paul, eine Koproduktion von Razor Film, Carsten Strauch Filmproduktion, Magna Mana, CCC Cinema und Television/Alice Brauner im Auftrag des ZDF - Das
Cast Carsten Strauch, Rainer Ewerrien. Als Gaststars: Christoph Maria Herbst, Aykut Kayacik, Oliver Welke, Dieter Moor u.v.m.
Script Carsten Strauch, Rainer Ewerrien, Nina Werth

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sechsteilige Comedy-Serie