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Brigitte Maria Bertele

Every seven years, the so-called _Grenzgang_ [NB: walking a town’s boundaries] takes place in the central Hessian town of Biedenkopf: a traditional town fair, which the writer Stephan Thome chose as the location for his highly acclaimed debut novel _Grenzgang_. The film adaptation of the novel tells the story of the single mother Kerstin and the teacher Thomas, who is an appointed civil servant. It was seven years ago, that the two first met at the festival. At that time, Kerstin was still married and Thomas was about to promote. Since then, a lot has happened and both now need to admit to themselves the failure of their life plans, in order to perhaps be able to pick up where they left off seven years ago. But what did really happen back then? “Grenzgang” is a magnificent ensemble film with a brilliant casting, right down to the supporting roles, and was directed by Bertele with a level of truthfulness that one rarely experiences in German television and cinema. _In the presence of the WDR Editor Michael André_

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30 March 2014

06:00 h,

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Direction Brigitte Maria Bertele
Country Germany
Year D 2013
Duration 90 min
Language original German version
Production Ariane Krampe
Cast Claudia Michelsen, Lars Eidinger, Gertrud Roll, Sandro Lohmann, and others
Camera Hans Fromm, *Production:* Ariane Krampe
Script Hannah Hollinger

Regional Premiere