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Moritz Becherer

In the presence of the director Moritz Becherer

The debut project of Darmstadt’s director Moritz Becherer tells the history of a young man worn down between the demands of everyday reality and the realisation of his dreams. In the process, it paints the picture of a city in which individual identity seems to be made up of the sum of your successes. While the camera sweeps Frankfurt’s high-rise buildings, HALT!LOS! conveys the atmosphere of economic success, as well as the societal expectations that threaten to choke one’s dreams. Ultimately, it questions the protagonist and others, whether one can and wants to settle in a society defined by its pressure to achieve.

HALT!LOS! deals with becoming an adult in a city like Frankfurt, in which the question of compatibility of passion and profitability can make any one person loose sure footing. Right up to psychosis.

Moritz Becherer completed his studies at the University of Fine Arts, Kassel with Distinction and realised his first feature film, shot in Frankfurt and Darmstadt and supported by HessenFilm in co-production with the HFF München.

“The escape in a world of make-believe becomes a solution to the problems of the real world.” FR Online

“’Halt!Los!’ aims to explain how one loses sure footing, but gains ground as well.” Darmstädter Echo Online

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Direction Moritz Becherer
Year D 2017
Duration 79 min
Language German language
Production herzkopfkino Filmproduktion
Cast Tim Bettermann, Lena Meckel, Anton Rubtsov u.a.
Camera Nicolas Mussel
Script Moritz Becherer
Editing Michael Münch
Sound Simon Hüging, Tarik Badaoui

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International premiere