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Hard & Ugly – eine Liebesgeschichte (A love story)

Malte Wirtz

*_IN PRESENCE OF DIRECTOR MALTE WIRTZ_* "Shit always comes in the fat pile." Freshly fired from his job because he does not fit into the concept, Et can’t be bothered anymore. Especially not with his life. On a bridge somewhere in Berlin he spontaneously attempts to commit suicide; but just as he laboriously tries to climb the railing, Carla appears in front of him. Carla, just thrown out of the flat without any warning by her fiancée and just as down on her luck as Et, sorts the suicide-to-be’s head out. A casual meeting that leads to a new coexistence. Two outsiders who want to pull each other out of their mess. But can this go well? Discreet in black and white, the Marburger *MALTE WIRTZ* creates a modern urban fairy tale of unsuccessful happiness.

31 March 2017

20:00 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Malte Wirtz
Year D 2017
Duration 71 min
Language German Original
Production Malte Wirtz
Cast Kristin Becker, Patrick Güldenberg, Robert Viktor Minich, Daniele Rizzo, Aline Adam, Benita Sarah Bailey et al.
Camera Antje Heidemann, Vincent Viebig
Script Malte Wirtz
Editing Assaf Reiter

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World premiere