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Eren Önsöz

*Sound:* Alexander Czart, Ayku *_FOLLOWING TAL IN PRESENCE OF DIRECTOR EREN ÖNSÖZ AND DIPL. PSYCH. PROTAGONIST KURT HEILBRONN, MODERATION: HILDE RICHTER_* Family stories between Eschborn and the Bosporus: German-Jewish intellectuals fleeing to Turkey after the Nazis removed them from their offices. Thanks to Atatürk's vision of a modern country based on the European model, the escaped professors are given lecturer posts at the universities of Istanbul and Ankara. The descendants of the emigrants tell of their youth at the Black Sea. In her documentary, director *EREN ÖNSÖZ* accompanies five people in Frankfurt, whose parents or grandparents had to flee to Turkey in 1933. The question of identity and home always played a major role in the lives of these people, the so-called "no men's people." They visit the universities where their ancestors taught and attend to current political questions: How much is left of Atatürk's former educational reform? What happens to the land under the rule of Erdogan? *_HAYMATLOZ_* celebrated its world premiere in Nürnberg at the *21st Filmfestival Türkei Deutschland*. The film was supported with funding from the *Hessische Filmförderung*. The screening on 28th of March 2017 is in cooperation with "naxos.Kino - Dokumentarfilm & Gespräch":http://www.naxos-kino.org *Location: Naxos kino, Theater Willy Praml, Naxoshalle (Waldschmidtstraße 19 HH)* Reservations via "kino.auf-naxos@web.de":mailto:kino.auf-naxos@web.de

28 March 2017

19:30 h,

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Direction Eren Önsöz
Year D/T 2016
Duration 90 min
Language Turkish with subtitles
Camera Andreas Köhler
Script Eren Önsöz
Editing Elisabeth Raßbach

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