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Otmar Hitzelsberger

A woman in golden sequin dress, a young man with a surfboard under his arm, a men's choir in mourning attire along with black veils, a boat in the middle of the street and a piano on a trailer, which is repeatedly pulled across a traffic junction. A surrealistic dream, one might first believe, and yet it is just this scene that Frankfurt passers-by who were lingering around near the Börneplatz were witnessing on the evening of the 16th of August 2013. With the staging of Heine, the Willy Praml Theatre brought the theater into everyday life. At various venues such as the Jewish Museum, the former Dominican monastery and, indeed, at aforementioned junction, the audience witnessed a unique theatrical evening, which dealt with both, Heine as well as the Jewish life in Europe. The filmmaker Otmar Hitzelsberger accompanied the ensemble right from the first preparations until the opening night. The result is a poetic documentary that not only allows a glimpse behind the scenes, but also captures the unique atmosphere of the performances. As a special treat, on the occasion of the world premiere of the film at the LICHTER Film Festival the Choir Harry Heine will be singing, a 35-strong male voice choir, which had formed especially for the play.

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30 March 2014

02:00 h,

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Direction Otmar Hitzelsberger
Country 3
Year D 2013
Duration 85 min
Language original German version
Cast Willy Praml, Jakob Gail, Marlene Zimmer, among others
Camera Otmar Hitzelsberger