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HInter dem Meer

Janis Marx

*German premiere* *_FOLLOWING TALK IN PRESENCE OF DIRECTOR JANIS MARX_* _"Friendship is a door between two people. Sometimes, it creaks, jam but it is never locked."_ After 15 years of no contact and out of the blue, Karl stands in front of Lutz's doorstep. The unexpected visitor does not suit the widower at all. Too much of the unspoken lies between the grim loner and his long-time friend, who at first seems to have no more place in Lutz's life. After a drunken night, the two old age pensioners pull themselves together. The plan: A final shared journey to the sea – turning into a stress test after a very short time. How much closeness can a friendship bear that has never been honest? How to restore trust? And forgiveness? *JANIS MARX'* intimate chamber play about the power of true friendship is a gripping road movie, a strong plea for interpersonal relations and differentiated observation of the everyday all at the same time. Studded with plenty of local scenes and people, the degree film of the *Hochschule Darmstadt* was nominated for the *Hessischer Hochschulfilmpreis 2016*.

2 April 2017

18:30 h,

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Direction Janis Marx
Year D 2016
Duration 81 min
Language German Original
Cast Karl-Heinz Lehr, Reiner Wagner u. a.
Camera Michael Throne, Christoph Bockisch
Script Janis Marx
Editing Marco Hülser, Janis Marx