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Holy Motors

Holy Motors

Leos Carax

Eleven roles are played by Dennis Lavant in Holy Motors by French director Leos Carax, whose “Pola X” was produced by Pandora in 1998. Mr. Oscar (Lavant) is a man whose job is to slip into the lives of others for a short time. He drives around Paris in a white stretch limousine, sometimes playing a hunchbacked beggar on Pont Neuf, sometimes a bourgeois father, sometimes an ageing businessman, and sometimes strolling through a decaying shopping center with Kylie Minogue. Holy Motors is difficult to categorise; it’s a musical, drama, comedy, and a thriller all in one – and whether any of it is just a dream remains a mystery until the end. Carax has never been modest regarding his aesthetic means, and with Holy Motors, he successfully creates a surreal frenzy of images.

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Direction Leos Carax
Country France, Germany, Belgium
Year 2012
Duration 115 min
Language French with German subtitles
Production Martine Marignac, Albert Prévost, Maurice Tinchant
Co-production Rémi Burah
Cast Leos Carax, Edith Scob, Eva Mendes
Camera Yves Cape, Caroline Champetier
Script Leos Carax
Editing Nelly Quettier
Sound Julien Bouchez, François Boudet, Katia Boutin, Erwan Kerzanet, Michel Monier, Carsten Richter, Josefina Rodríguez, Samuel Rouillard, Helene Seidl, Kuen-Il Song, Marcus Sujata, Hélène, Hanse W
Sound Design Emmanuel Croset

Cannes Film Festival, Sitzes Catalonian International Festival

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