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In Darkness

Agnieszka Holland

The Warsaw ghetto, established by the German occupiers in 1940, was one of the atrocious preludes to the extermination of the Jews: In Darkness tells the story of a group of inhabitants who save themselves at its "closure" in 1943 to the sewerage of the Polish capital, where they were able to survive until the liberation. In this gripping and hard-hitting drama, film director Agnieszka Holland directs her focus on the victims and the rescuers - she describes the existential conflicts which the refugees are exposed to, as well as the unshakable humanity which lets the Polish man Leopold turn from profiteer of the crisis to a selfless ally. The Polish candidate for the International Oscar 2012 was funded by HessenInvestFilm. _Festivals a.o.:_ _- Polish Film Festival: best movie, best actor, best_ _supporting actress and best und cinematographie_ _- Toronto International Film Festival_

23 March 2013

17:45 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Agnieszka Holland
Country 15
Year P/D/CAN 2012
Duration 114 min
Language Poln. subtitled
Cast Robert Wickiewicz, Kinga Preis, Herbert Knaup, Maria Schrader, Benno Fürmann
Camera Jolanta Dylewska
Script Robert Marshall, David F. Shamoon