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In der Luft, da bleibt Deine Wurzel

Mario Morales

The documentary In der Luft, da bleibt Deine Wurzel follows Holocaust survivor Eva Szepesi. She and her family embark on an emotional search for clues. The film sensitively shows trauma that manifests itself in a family over generations.

After the film, Eva Szepesi, who was recently a guest in the german Bundestag, and the director Mario Morales will be present for a discussion with the audience.

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Direction Mario Morales
Country Germany
Year 2023
Duration 98 min
Language German, Hungarian, Polish with German subtitles
Production Mario Morales
Camera Nathaniel Knop, Peter Rippl
Script Peter Rippl
Editing Mario Morales
Sound Tamás Bohács

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Press Reviews

“The film carefully explores questions about how Jewish families deal with this memory and how the memory changes when those who experienced it are no longer with us.” (Jüdisches Magazin, Frankfurt)

The Director About the Film

“Eva’s story, a testament to the resilience and reverberations of a harrowing past, touched me deeply and prompted me to embark on a cinematic odyssey that aims to express her story and thus the legacy of survivors like her. It is not just about documenting history, but also about taking a third generation perspective and exploring the complex web of emotions, memories and trauma that spans generations.” Mario Morales


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