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Eintracht In diesem Jahr

In diesem Jahr – der Film

Martina Hänsel, Björn Tanneberger

What do Eintracht and LICHTER have in common? Correct: both are located in the heart of Europe and are international! On the Saturday of the festival, we will be showing the Eintracht film "In diesem Jahr". So once again we bring the European Cup to our Main metropolis: In a comfortable round on the five flatscreens in our festival center Massif Central.

Whether it was Kevin Trapp's saves, Rafael Borré's penalty kick, Oliver Glasner's "Diver" or the reception for the team in downtown Frankfurt: The first international title for Eintracht Frankfurt in 42 years provided emotional moments and formed the highlight of the 2021/22 season, which otherwise had highs as well as lows to offer. Now comes an emotional feature film with 120 minutes of goosebumps guaranteed. "In diesem Jahr - der Film" about the 2022 European Cup victory illustrates how Eintracht pushed boundaries in the past season and brought the cup to the Main metropolis. It illuminates the rocky road there - the uncertainty at the start of the season with new sporting leaders, the exit in the DFB Cup in Mannheim, the dreariness in stadiums empty due to Corona and the lack of success in the Bundesliga. The main characters of this journey provide a deep look into the soul of the team and tell how they nevertheless did not let themselves be diverted from their path and how such a performance was possible in the first place. Previously unpublished scenes and interviews are shown as well as pictures from the inner life of the club and team areas to which otherwise only players and staff have access.

22 April 2023

20:30 h, Festivalzentrum

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Direction Martina Hänsel, Björn Tanneberger
Country Germany
Year 2023
Duration 120 min
Language German
Website https://www.eintracht.de/indiesemjahr/

Entrance free