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In Praise of Nothing

Boris Mitić

Competition Entry International Feature Award

In attendance of director Boris Mitić. Extensive Q&A with homemade Schnapps and lecture “How to Film Nothing”

Nothingness does not understand humans: they look for meaning even though they should know that everything eventually disappears into Nothing. It looks to their pulsating cities, their hackneyed, wrecked ruins and their children playing with fire. Without a place in their midst, Nothing turns away – only to turn back soon after. It dares to take cautious steps out of its self-righteous nihilism. But does it not run the risk of losing itself this way? 

Iggy Pop lends his voice to Nothing explaining the world. Over a period of eight years, Boris Mitić compiled the stunning footage by 62 filmmakers, shot in 70 countries. This results in an epic on the beauty and tragedy of human endeavours that can never be more than a drop of water in an endless ocean. The film, accentuated with a grand soundtrack by Comelade and the Tiger Lillies, is a post-ironic parable and a staggering cinematic experience.

"In Praise of Nothing is about Nothing and, consequently, about everything. And, although this may sound unnecessarily pretentious, it works exceptionally well, making this film one not to be missed." – Elia Molo, Celluloid Reveries 

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Direction Boris Mitić
Year SRB/KRO/F 2017
Duration 78 min
Language engl. OmeU
Camera Sebastian Alfie, David Batty, Nedžad Begović, Attila Boa u.s.v.a.m
Script Boris Mitić
Editing Boris Mitić

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German premiere