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Industria Argentina

Ricardo Díaz Iacoponi

When the metal factory ALURMAR is closed due to bankruptcy, the world comes crashing down on its employees. How are they supposed to make ends meet and pay their bills in a financially and economically troubled country with no prospects at all? The employees decide not to give up and to simply occupy “their” factory. Industria Argentina reports on the courageous struggle of the metal workers for an independent life in which they can re-open the factory by their own means and have to prevail against the patriarchal owner, the bankruptcy administrators and the law. The feature film is a testimony of reality in Argentine where, after the great depression in 2001, approximately 200 self-managed enterprises have been formed. _Regional Premiere_
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30 March 2012

18:00 h,

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Direction Ricardo Díaz Iacoponi
Year ARG 2011
Duration 100 min
Language Spanish original with subtitles
Production Néstor Sánchez Sotelo
Cast Carlos Portaluppi, Eduardo Cutuli, Aymara Rovera, Celina Font, Soledad Silveyra, Fiorella Indelicato