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Ink of Yam

Tom Fröhlich

Boom – silence – sirens – people.  

A monk with a St. Paul tattoo, an atheist cook from an extreme orthodox Jewish family and a woman with an urgent need for a dragon tattoo after an explosion – they all live in the one city in the world that has been responsible for a mental disorder: the Jerusalem syndrome. And they all come to Daniel and Poko to the first tattoo studio before Jerusalem’s old city walls. Whatever happens outside the doors; inside, the needles keep on buzzing. Whoever comes here, no matter which religion or nationality, will be tattooed. While the ink enters their skin, the people tell their stories – as facetted as the city that they call their home. 

Tom Fröhlich lets the people’s words speak for themselves and creates an unfamiliar view of such an embattled city. An empathetic, highly topical film! 

Ink of Yam is the graduate film of young filmmaker Tom Fröhlich at the Hochschule Darmstadt (Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences) and has been awarded Best Graduate Film at the _Hessischer Film- und Kinopreis 2017. The film has been sponsored by HessenFilm und Medien

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Direction Tom Fröhlich
Year D 2017
Duration 75 min
Language Multi-lingual, German subtitles
Production Hochschule Darmstadt, Tom Fröhlich
Camera Christoph Bockisch
Editing Emil Rosenberger
Sound René Kramer
Music Adrian Portia

Presented by:

Regional Feature Film Program

© Still: Ink of Yam