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Internationale Kurzfilme

International Short Film Program

International Short Film Program

A great accomplishment of cinema is to let us take a second, different look at things and stories. It quite literally immerses things in a different light. The four films in the international short film program show this in very different ways. They explore spaces, history, feelings and time beyond the fleeting first glance. Included are again films of our partner festival from Contis and award winners of the festivals from Berlin and Rotterdam.

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Country Germany, France, Portugal, Austria
Year 2022/2023
Duration 80 min
Language Arabic, German, France, Portugies with English subtitles

LES CHENILLES: France 2022, OmeU (French/Arabic). Director: Michelle Keserwany, Noel Keserwany, Duration: 30 min.

Silk fabric, thin and smooth, betrays nothing of its history. It contains a rich cultural history, but above all one of colonialism and exploitation. The yarn of this story spins into the present. Les Chenilles, half narrative, half essay, follows the trail from the Lebanese mountains of the 19th century to the Lyon of the present.

Winner of the Golden Bear for best short film at Berlinale 2023.

MARINE TARGET: Germany/Austria 2022, without dialogue. Director: Lukas Marxt, Duration: 9 min.

A lake in the USA with a dark history. Lukas Marxt focuses on one of the places where the US atomic bombs were dropped at the end of the Second World War. The landscape, the remnants of its past and the mechanics of the camera sets nature and the history of technology in relation to each other. In this way, the director and video artist continues a work to which he has already devoted himself in many films, including "Imperial Valley (cultivated run-off)" (LICHTER 2019).

L'ARRIVÉE DU SOLEIL DANS VOTRE SIGNE: France 2022, OmeU (French). Director: Lisa Giacchero, Duration: 15 min.

A ferry ride to an island - while the young professor wants to work, an admirer has other plans. Through the interactions of the two, the strange geography of the ship is explored as a closed space. The arrival on the island turns out to be different than this prelude initially suggests. From the program of our partners at FESTIVAL DU CONTIS and sponsored by the Hessian partner region Nouvelle Aquitaine.

NATUREZA HUMANA: Portugal/Germany 2023, OmeU (Portuguese). Director: Mónica Lima, Duration: 25 min.

The change in the perception of time was one of the peculiar characteristics of the lockdowns during the pandemic. Natureza Humana takes this experience as its point of departure, depicting a couple's relationship in their home over the course of a summer - or is it just one very long day? As they deal with the lockdown, the neighbourhood kids, and their garden, the relationship between the two changes.

Winner of the Ammodo Shorts Competition at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2023.

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