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Internationale Kurzfilme 2022

International Short Film Programme

Poetic visions of figures, landscapes and events, fascinating riddles or funny encounters - all of this, short film provides. In our international short film compilations, we’re presenting a very personal selection of works, some from our partner festival in Contis, some from friends of the festival. This year, many of the films revolve around different shapes of human relationships, such as the question of what a real kiss is (“La Chamade”, France), real love (“Nicht nur Körper”, Germany), what is merely played on stage and what is meant (“Rehearsal”, Nigeria).

La Chamade (Blackbirds)

Director: Emma Séméria
France 2020, Length: 10 Min.
Original language with English subtitles (French with English subtitles)

The unrest of a girl before her first date – a sparkling summer, love and life ahead. In an attempt to protect herself from uncertainty, certainties are lost. Where does the game end and where do things begin to get serious? From the programme of our partners at the Festival de Contis.

Nicht nur Körper

Director: Frédéric Jaeger
Germany 2021, Length: 18 Min.
Original language with English subtitles (German with English subtitles)

Two lovers in Berlin. But what does that mean? Both of them are wondering the same, and their fumbling attempts at an answer shift between verbal and body language. The fact that they cannot seem to understand each other becomes clear in moments of most beautiful ambivalence.


Director: Michael Omonua
Nigeria 2021, Length: 14 Min
Original language with English subtitles (Nigerian Pidgin with English subtitles)

Who wants to convince whom here? A young woman convincing strangers of the Christian faith? Actors their director or a troupe their audience? The lines between the levels of speaking and acting blur in this attempt on creation and the impact of art.

Lemon Grass Girl

Director: Pom Bunsermvicha
Thailand 2021, Length: 17 Min.
Original language with English subtitles (Thai with English subtitles)

Rain would hinder the small film crew in rural Thailand. Despite all modern equipment, an agreement with the elements is supposed to be brought on by a traditional rite: A virgin places a lemongrass plant roots up in the soil. In their search for someone from the team to perform the rite, questions outside of the obvious are raised.


Director: Gerard Ortín Castellví
United Kingdom/Spain 2022, Length: 21 Min.
No dialogue

Can machines operate nature, make themselves understood by it, make it submissive to them? This two-part essay film observes the encounter between machine and plant and imagines how nature could subvert it.

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