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h2. DES MILLIONS DES LARMES *FEATURE FILM, F 2015* *DIRECTOR: NATALIE BEDER* *FR. OV WITH ENGLISH SUBS.* *DURATION: 22 MIN.* An old man and a young woman meet at a motorway restaurant, somewhere in the nowhere. Both are searching, but for what? Abandoned hotels and deserted streets are the stage for a game of projections, desires and memories. Special prize of the jury, *FESTIVAL CONTIS 2016*. h2. THINGS ARE NOT AS THEY APPEAR *EXPERIMENTAL FILM, UK 2016* *DIRECTOR: ANDREW KOTTING* *ENGL. OV* *DURATION: 4 MIN.* Centaurs, parrots, straw dolls and other strange beings populate the films of *ANDREW KOTTING*, which have been shown at LICHTER since 2014. With a cassette of super-8 film he returns to these motifs and turns them into a kind of mythology of his own cinema. h2. NUR DER FORTSCHRITT *FEATURE FILM, D 2016* *DIRECTORS: FRÉDÉRIC JAEGER, NINO KLINGLER* *GER. OV WITH ENGL. SUBS.* *DURATION: 19 MIN.* Cause and effect are no longer easy to bring together when the wing beat of a butterfly changes the world climate. But are not the camels to blame? Or even the football players? A film about unimagined coincidences and communications in virtual realities. h2. DER BLOCK *DOCUMENTARY, D 2015* *DIRECTOR: NADINE BOLLER* *KYRGIS. OV WITH ENGL. SUBS.* *DURATION: 10 MIN.* Just like a UFO, a concrete block has landed somewhere in the Kyrgyz steppe. Nobody knows anything about its former use. But it seems to own strange powers, because man and animal pilgrimage there – is it its strange form or simply the fact that the mobile phone reception seems particularly good that is attractive? h2. UNIVITELLIN *FEATURE FILM, F 2016* *DIRECTOR: TERENCE NANCE* *FR. OV WITH ENGL. SUBS.* *DURATION: 15 MIN.* Boy meets girl, seen a hundred times. *TERENCE NANCE* transforms this story, he becharms it and simultaneously gives it an existential dimension. Space and time, proximity and distance, myth and reality become blurred in a quarter of an hour of the most intense viewing experience.

28 March 2017

21:00 h,

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Direction various
Year 2015-2016
Duration 67 min
Language various languages
Production various
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