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h2. LES PHOTOGRAPHES *FEATURE FILM, F 2015* *DIRECTOR: AURÉLIEN VERNHES-LERMUSIAUX* *FR. OV WITH ENGL. SUBS.* *DURATION: 25 MIN.* Isaac Hoffmann has never made a photo without his wife. When she separates herself from him, he has to fulfill his commission alone: To photograph dilapidated factory terrains in Berlin. The result is equally a reflection on the production of pictures as it is a biting satire on the art market. Honorable mention of the jury, *FESTIVAL CONTIS 2016*. h2. FLOWERS AND BOTTOMS *EXPERIMENTAL FILM, UK 2016* *DIRECTOR: CHRISTOS MASSALAS* *ENGL. OV* *DURATION: 5 MIN.* Flowers and buttoms and a voice on the phone. h2. FUDDY DUDDY *ANIMATION, AU 2016* *DIRECTOR: SIEGFRIED A. FRUHAUF* *NO DIALOGUE* *DURATION: 5 MIN.* A rapid layering of grids creates interferences, fragments the screen, lets it flicker and glimmer. Siegfried A. Fruhauf dissects the moving image and thereby releases things that send us straight onto a hallucinatory trip. h2. ESTÁS VENDO COISAS *DOCUMENTARY, BR 2017* *DIRECTORS: BÁRBARA WAGNER, BENJAMIN DE BURCA* *PORTG. OV WITH ENGL. SUBS.* *DURATION: 18 MIN.* The dazzling mise-en-scène of young musicians in northern Brazil breaks out of the abraded dualism of content and surface. The completely authentic culture of the local music scene provided the poor region with a new self-image. *_"ESTÁS VENDO COISAS"_* presents the magic of this culture in its ambiguity. h2. RIOT *EXPERIMENTAL FILM, USA 2015* *DIRECTOR: NATHAN SILVER* *ENGL. OV* *DURATION: 4 MIN.* The first film, which *NATHAN SILVER* produced, dealt with nothing less than the race riots in LA at the beginning of the 90s – he was then nine back then. A short film about childhood, politics and filmmaking. h2. THE HEDONISTS *FEATURE FILM, PRC 2016* *DIRECTOR: JIA ZHANG-KE* *MANDARIN OV WITH ENGL. SUBS.* *DURATION: 25 MIN.* A factory closes and three workers are out of their job. They are designing a new life for themselves – China appears to them as the land of unlimited possibilities. This self-portrayal ends tragicomically in an amusement park, in which Chinese history is to be reinvented in a quite unorthodox way.

2 April 2017

18:00 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction various
Year 2015-2017
Duration 82 min
Language various languages
Production various
Cast various
Camera various
Script various
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