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*UNA VOLTA FUORI* _Feature Film, (I 2012), Ital./English subtitles, Duration: 12:00 min_ *DIRECTOR: RENATO CHIOCCA* The 12-year-old Emanuele sits with his uncle, who has just been released from prison, in the car on the way to the sea. The stranger holds a great fascination for the boy. In front of the virtually deserted backdrop of the new town of Sabaudia the subtle portrait of a family unfolds. From the programme of our partner festival VISIONI ITALIANE, Bologna. _In the presence of director Renato Chiocca_

*LA MÄRE MORTE* _Feature Film, (F 2012), French/English subtitles, Duration: 15:00 min_ *DIRECTOR: THIERRY CHARRIER* On the day of his mother's funeral Yvon is allowed to travel to his home village in spite of his prison sentence. While he cleans out the house of the deceased together with his sister, the suppressed conflicts of his family come with an almost physical violence to the fore. From the program of our partner festival DE CONTIS, Aquitaine. _In the presence of the director Thierry Chargier_

*TRANSUMANZA* _Feature Film, (I 2013), Italalian/English subtitles, Duration: 05:00 min_ *DIRECTOR: SALVATORE MEREU* An old and a young shepherd accompany a herd of goats in the Sardinian mountains. Salvatore Mereu (Bellas Mariposas, LICHTER 2013) shows the breathtaking scenery and the contrast of this ancient tradition with the ubiquity of modern technology. From the program of our partner festival VISIONI ITALIANE, Bologna.

*LES LÉZARDS* _Feature Film, (F 2013), French/English subtitles, Duration: 14 min_ *DIRECTOR: VINCENT MARIETTE* Vincent Macaigne plays a man who has agreed to a blind date in a hammam. A good friend (Benoit Forgeard) is of support to him. The young woman does not appear for a long time – except for a real live iguana.

*SMØLA / DIVE* _Experimental Film, (D 2013), Duration: 4:00 min_ *DIRECTOR: JENS JONELEIT* Jens Joneleit, whose opera Metanoia was premiered in the year before last under the baton of Daniel Barenboim at the Berliner Staatsoper, assembles in DIVE music, film and painting into a very dense and multi-layered video.

*TRAMANIMATION* _Duration: 8:00 min_ *DIRECTOR: MICHAELA PAVLATOVA* A tram driver transforms through her erotic fantasy her tram and the entire city into a playground of her desire.

*WELCOME ... AND OUR CONDOLENCES*, _Feature Film, (ISR 2012), Russian and Hebrew/English subtitles, Duration: 27:00 min_ *DIRECTOR: LEON PRUDOVSKY* For the family of little Misha it is a big celebration to be allowed to emigrate to Israel after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, his aunt Rosa doesn’t make it alive into the Promised Land and thereby sets a cascade of bureaucratic entanglements in motion that show that for the fulfilment of even the biggest dream, forms and seals are essential. _Premiere: Wednesday, March 26th 2014/ 10:30 p.m. / Metropolis 2_

30 March 2014

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Country Germany
Year 2012-2013
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