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International Shorts I


*_L‘étourdissement_* _(Director: *Gérard Pautonnier* // feature film // F 2015 // French original version with Engl. subtitles // 23 Min.)_ The sudden death of a colleague instead of a cow at the slaughter house throws Goerges and Eddy off the track. Now it is up to them to break the terrible news to the wife. Gérard Pautonnier’s black comedy tells of the adversities of this mission and of their helplessness when facing death. Audience Award, International Contis Festival 2015. *audience award, Festival Contis 2015*

*_Shut Up Moon_* _(Director: *Gudrun Krebitz* // animation film // GB/AT 2015 // without dialogues // 4 Min.)_ Instead of counting sheep, you can translate your sleeplessness into a movie which calls on the moon to keep silence. Brief, pointed, and plainly sketched with pencil.

*_Agosto_* _(Director: *Adriano Valerio, Eva Jospin* // feature film // I/F 2015 // French original version with Engl. subtitles // 15 Min.)_ If you could distill the summer dreams of your own childhood into a film it would probably look exactly like “A/8/osto” by Adriano Valerio (“37.4*S,” LICHTER 2014) and Eva Jospin: two children in a country house and a forest full of adventures. *Visioni Italiane 2016*

*_An inaccurate distance_* _(Director: *Giovanni Giaretta* // documentation // I/NL 2014 // Ital. original version with Engl. subtitles // 15 Min.)_ Even though he knows more than 100 languages, translator Bertani secludedly lives as a farmer in Emilia-Romagna. A contemplation on urbanity in times of the seemingly unlimited mobility of things and people.

*_Bacon & God‘s Wrath_* _(Director: *Sol Friedman* // feature and animation film // CA 2015 // Engl. OF // 8 Min.)_ 90 years without bacon evidently didn’t hurt the sprightly 90-year-old Jewess Razie. All the greater is the adventure when the old lady tries the forbidden fruit for the first time. *Best Documentary-Short Film Award, Festival REGARD 2016*

*_Maman(s)_* _(Dirctor: *Maïmouna Doucouré* // feature film // F 2015 // French. original version with Engl. subtitles // 21. Min.)_ A French girl’s world shatters when her father returns from Senegal with a second wife. “Maman(s)” sensitively tells of a girl’s attempts to reset her family in the previous order. *Critics’ choice award, International Contis Festival 2015* *jury award, Festival de Contis 2015*

29 March 2016

20:00 h,

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Direction Various
Year F/AT/GB/I/NL/CA 2014-2015
Language Various
Production Various
Cast Various
Camera Various
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