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International Shorts II

Lukas Marxt, Giacomo Abbruzzese, Angelo Milano, Kazik Radwanski

Imperial Valley (cultivated run-off) 

Director: Lukas Marxt

(Documentary, D/A 2018, dt. OV, Duration: 14 Min.) 

A valley in southern California, marked by military tests, pollution and intensive agriculture. Images of a drone transform the terrain into an abstract play of patterns and forms: The perfect penetration of nature and technology. 


Director: Giacomo Abbruzzese, Angelo Milano

(Documentary, F/I 2017, it. OmeU, Duration: 58 Min.) 

What happens when a group of young artists turns a sleepy village in southern Italy into a street art laboratory for years? In this unusual documentary, Abbruzzese ("Stella Maris", LICHTER 2016) and Milan observe how physical places change through the interventions of art and threaten to be absorbed by a city like an originally independent art project.


Duration: Kazik Radwanski

(Feature Film, CDN 2017, engl. OV, Duration: 15 Min.) 

Located on the border between feature film and documentary, Kazik Radwanski (e.g. "Tower", LICHTER 2013; "Cutaway", LICHTER 2015) in Scaffold shows the scaffolding work on a house, the residents and craftsmen slowly getting used to each other and the always precarious relationship between inside and outside.

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Direction Lukas Marxt, Giacomo Abbruzzese, Angelo Milano, Kazik Radwanski
Year D/A/F/I/CDN 2017
Language Various
Production Various
Cast Various
Camera Various
Script Various
Editing Various
Sound Various
Music Various